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[Solved] Any news on SEF?

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Konni sent me this link about SEF being replaced?


If I understand it, they are replacing SEF with an institution with a more dedicated enforcement arm with specialized agents?  Do I read it they were using regular police which was leading to some human rights violations (because police weren't really trained for this role)?

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SEF had an investigation role in terms of illegal imigration and human trafficking. That will be assumed by Polícia Judiciária, which also has that task.

In terms of border control, it will be handed over to PSP (Polícia de Segurança Pública) [in airports and cruise ports] and GNR (Guarda Nacional Republicana [land borders and ports].

The analisys of asylum claims and migration visas would be handed to SEA (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Asilo), now (apparently) replaced by the APMA (Agência Portuguesa para as Migrações e Asilo).

The further issuance of documents for foreigners will be a task for IRN (Instituto de Registos e Notariado). This might be a problem, because they are (as far as I know) already overwhelmed in work.

But because that's a political decision that has to be negotiated with within political parties, and SEF officials are still fighting against the agency's dissolution, we have to wait and see.

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@antonio_f   So, with these developments...should we  (hopeful, want-to-be Ex-Pats in Portugal) march ahead bravely with our pursuit of our D7 applications, which require 12-month leases, funded bank accounts & agency assistance services that all require much expense? If we do and arrive in PT with a D7, but then find a lengthy delay in getting a permit from the newly formed agency, will that create issues for us that we may be un-aware of?  I presume we will not be able to use the NHS, NHR and must stay put in the residence address that we originally contracted for our application, while we wait?  We're keeping the faith for now, but this feels a bit daunting.

Any thoughts are appreciated, Allie


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SEF's extinction was approved in Parliament yesterday (20/10/2021), but it will take some time (months?) until the new law that creates (and organizes) APMA will be published and applied.

For what we know, when similar things happened, there's turmoil in the new services, until everyone is settled, the structure is organized, and everyone (in all organizations) are adapted to the change. So, in the first months, I guess things will be messy, disorganized.

Part of that delay will be the distribution of SEF workers (some 1300, 60% of them police officers) to the different organizations (APMA, PJ, PSP, GNR). I also believe that when the moment to renew documents comes, people will have a major headache, as IRN is understaffed.

As to placing VISA applications (D7 and others) in the near future, some things will not change, as the law will be the same (regarding Visas), and consulates and VFS will keep working. The problem will be in the last entity (SEF/APMA), responsible for the final decision. And that part is impossible to predict.


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