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Buying Rustic Land in Algarve, Portugal

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Anyone in the Algarve region have experience with any lawyers for purchasing the property? I'm looking for a reliable lawyer, tips are very welcome! 


Also anyone know if it's possible to find out is houses on the property are legal without using the lawyer or architect? 


Thanks in advance! 

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On the first point, I am afraid I can't help.

On the second, are you asking "can I check if existing buildings on the site are legal", or "can I check whether I can legally build on the property"?

If the former, you should be able to find this out from the local câmara municipal, or via Cadernetas from Registos, and you don't need an architect or lawyer for that (but may need patience, time, and Portuguese ability; or another intermediary to help).


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I can’t recommend a lawyer but I will point that you can also use a solicitador to deal with all paperwork, you can search for one close to your location.

You can check the documentation and see if what you saw on the property matches the documents, and if you find some discrepancies you can then check the Câmara.

You will need to ask to see the «caderneta predial», «certidão predial» and the «licença de habitabilidade» the seller or the agent should have this documents ready as they are need to do the sale. Also ask if they have a «planta do imóvel» that's the drawing submited to the Câmara.

If you do need to go to the câmara I would recommend you use a lawyer or a solicitador as sometimes it’s difficult to deal with them, specially if you don’t know exactly what you need or how to ask for it, the Câmara employees will speak Portuguese, you may encounter one that will speak English but that is not common.


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