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Central Portugal - Boreholes

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Wondering about boreholes. Let us say you had a property that was decent sized, but not crazy large. Say about a Hectare. There is one borehole that serves one part of the land. All Good. But the other side of the land had no water. Would it make sense to add another borehole? This is something I know very little about. Just not sure how to best distribute water to all parts of the property to keep things healthy. And just as important - How can one verify that the water source in the existing borehole will provide plentiful water over the next 10 to 20 years? I apologize for my ignorance. Just don't know that much about this sort of thing.

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The cost of having a borehole drilled, buying the necessary equipment and running power to the pump can be costly. A cheaper option would just be to extend your existing system to fill a holding tank (cheap to build) for a gravity fed watering system.

The added benefit of a holding tank is that if your borehole does run dry you can pay the bombeiros to refill the holding tank and, if it's big enough, can be used by fire-fighting helicopters to refill their bambi buckets.

Whether the water will still be available in 10 to 20 years time is unknown. Some areas down south are now suffering water shortages that they didn't 10 years ago.


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I have had the pleasure of owning 5 boreholes in Portugal -two ran dry - one went salty and two lasted.

ie 60% failure rate.

Just because you have a borehole doesn't mean you will get water - just make sure that when you get your land you don't want to try to make like a "green England" and pray someone doesn't want to build a golf course next to you - then for sure you will be dry

just leave most of your land  it to what is nowadays termed "rewilding"


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We are looking at buying a property inland and quotes for a borehole have been ranging from 3 to 10K Euros. Depending on the depth, as they charge per meter, plus the quality of the pipes and pump you want. The company also takes care of getting the licence from the government to dig the borehole, some told me it takes a few weeks, other said it would take 3 months.

Having a second borehole might give you more security but starting with @old-bloke recommendation seems a good idea.


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