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Flea, street, antique markets etc

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Hi all, now things are slightly freeing up I would love to get some bits of furniture for our house. We moved in in December and although my OH is loving the minimalist look, it feels like we are camping. I've always loved finding vintage and second hand bits and prefer to put my money directly in the hands of local people. So far I haven't had much luck with Facebook Marketplace, Are any street markets opening up around Leiria? any hot tips on the best places to go when thing are opening up?

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Hi there!  I am not that close to Leiria, but I believe there are things nearer than what I can recommend.

However, if ou're prepared to drive out a bit, the Velharias (antiques/collectors market) in Torres Novas is a good one, and nicely set in a shady riverside area with a couple of cafés, and only a couple of minutes from the local produce market, which happens on the same days (once they re-start).  

Fourth Sunday of each month, hoping they'll run it this month, fingers crossed.  Check the Torres Novas Facebook page nearer the time, if interested.  Put "municipiodetorresnovas" into Facebook - when I put the link here, it shows an error.

Santarém has a similar market the previous day, but it's less good, and very exposed to whatever the weather is.  The good sellers tend to do TN the next day, anyway!

Also, bear in mind OLX.pt and also local groups for vendas, trocas, etc, or the Marketplace, on Facebook.

Hope you find what you need!




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Hi Lucy, there is a street market in Leiria every Tuesday on the stadium car park but I don't think there is much furniture there. In usual times there are monthly feiras de velharias in most towns and cities (I think the Leiria one is in the gardens where the turismo is) I don't know when this will restart. 

I do know some second hand furniture shops though (although not actually in Leiria!).

There is one in Marinha Grande called Mega Ocasião R. de São Pedro 45, 2430-162 M.nha Grande

There is one on the IC2 just before the Pingo Doce at Porto do Mós


If you want to know any more about any of these, just let me know!



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If you're prepared to travel further afield, I heard about this place in Sintra which supplies furniture and equipment for stage shows and events and then sells off the furniture afterwards, so it is used but often not much. Worth a look https://vendadegaragem.europalco.pt/


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 quite a few algarve charity org have shops which sell furniture  eg apaa / donkey sanctuary 

also I have to say I have never been in such a place as the algarve, when people sell they leave everything..one time for example I had 6 wheelbarrows, 4 lawnmowers 4 stepladders ...stuff which was just going to be dumped. One belgium couple I went round to just say goodbye at 6 pm - by 11pm i had brought back 6 carloads of stuff they were going to leave to the delight of their greedy landlord who got anyway a nice wood burner, 2 a/c units and more

might be worth contacting some real estate agents and see if they have any villas which need clearing


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