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Have The D7 Visa Income Requirements Gone Up A Lot (D. Express Article)

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Re Daily Express article claiming stampede to move to Portugal, post Brexit -


The article states that a couple would need to demonstrate an income of almost 34,000 Euros. Is this correct? Sounds a lot more than I remember, and as I'm hoping to move to Portugal soon as a single person, if the single person's income requirement has gone up by the same degree - I would struggle to qualify. Has the D7 income requirement increased? I imagine if Portugal becomes too popular, they may raise the bar and become more choosy.

Or is this typical Daily Express/Mail type journalism, ie. automatically to be disbelieved.

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Has the amount increase because the visa is now for two years so you need to show two years minimum income?

those are the numbers that have been recommended for my wife and I to have in our bank account in Portugal when we apply for the D7

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@woodbine  I think you are misreading. The 33k € refers to the Spanish NLV.  A few paragraphs further down, the amount for a couple is stated to be 11,970€ for Portugal.


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