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Hip replacement in Portugal?  


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09/01/2020 9:18 am  

Much to my surprise in my mid 40's it seems I need a hip replacement. I can't lift my leg, it hurts etc

I have full private health insurance (Medis) and have used CUF, saw a specialist, x-ray and MRI scans and told either:
1. quick operation, walking within a week to have a look, trim back a 'calcified spur' and see if that fixes the problem for a while.
2. However the ball joint 'lubrication' for want of a better word is(/has) disintegrating and option 1 seems a false choice as the whole thing is worn out.

So a bit horrifying, I hate medical stuff and a major operation with 2 months of recovery seems awful.

What seems equally awful is doing it in Portugal because frankly I have no faith in anything here working to a basic/decent level and I'm worried that the doctors are motivated by their gains and my insurances ability to pay out. At CUF they seem to always go for the most 'expensively conservative' approach (is there anything that doesn't require a MRI scan, as I've had 5 in 2 years on different things at €480 each (€70 I pay)).

So time for a second and third opinion.

1. Can anybody recommend hip specialists in Portugal from first hand knowledge please?
2. I could do this in my native NZ on the NHS equivalent but its a major pain to travel and organise back etc
How does private health rate in world terms in Portugal? (UK is another possibility).
3. I'm alone so will need major help for the months afterwards whilst I can't walk, any advice on approaches to this. Guessing I'll have to hire somebody or go to a nursing home of some kind for some weeks afterwards etc?

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10/01/2020 8:49 am  

Sorry you are going through so much at such a young age.

I had a hip replacement on the SNS in Portimao in December 2014 due to a fall shearing the neck of my femur at age 66.. You are up and moving the next day. I had PT in hospital and was released 5 days later. I was on a walker with weight bearing as tolerated. I had 18 PT sessions. I have no complaints with my surgery or treatment. The only complaint was the hospital food!

Sadly I fell again (I have Osteoporosis), the stem went through my femur and therefore had to have a Revision. This was done in March 2019 privately by choice by Dr Antonio Pinto at Alvor Private Hospital. He also replaced my knee in Marrch 2018.

As far as treatment on the SNS I have also had a Tumerectomia (breast cancer op) in 2013 and my husband had a neck tumor removed in 2015. Followup on all A1. We are pleased we had this treatment here rather than in the UK.

Portugal was rated 9th in the world at one time, ahead of the UK and USA. Don't know recent ratings but I highly recommend treatment here.


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10/01/2020 3:47 pm  

Hi All

Below is a link to the latest information on the best healthcare worldwide the USA is number 37 Portugal is number 12 i know the one i would rather have.


http://worldpopulationreview.com/countr ... the-world/

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14/01/2020 12:43 pm  

Thanks all, the supposed prematurity is probably caused by a much bigger trauma suffered earlier in life, so at least happy that it didn't kill me or leave me in a wheelchair as it probably should have at the time 😉

Can anybody recommend any other surgeons or clinics please etc?


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