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Mel Wifi internet advice needed

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Hi All

I have had constant problems over the years with my internet speed.
Today Meo called with an offer that would give me wifi internet instead of Internet down the phone line.

My question that I need help with is has anybody on the Forum got this system from Meo and what kind of Internet speeds do you get.



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WIFI set-up involves a modem connected into your phone line. All it does is create a wireless network in your house so you can connect to the internet wirelessly. The feed is still the internet connection service you pay for via your phone line, so performance issues will not be solved. You can of course connect using your mobile phone service but I assume that is not what is being offered here.

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ok, i guess i am a good person to reply as i have both.first of all its not the same . phone line is fixed broadband.wifi is 3g or if you are lucky 4g. i live in salir do porto and use the internet for streaming uk tv in 2 boxes living room and bedroom for me (banished by her indoors for sky sports).we have just moved from the top of the hill to the centre of the village. in the old house we had meo line broadband 10 mb totally unlimited which is a must for streaming uk tv.when we moved i checked the wifi signal on my phone and was delighted to see
4g and 85mb speed. off to meo to check if i could get 4g unlimited. yes they said lying buggers. first month after 10 days no internet, into the shop i went to be told you have used your 100gig limit up for the month. unlimited i say, yes they say until you reach 100g read the small print. i then got line broadband at 24mb which comes in at about 13mb and is totally unlimited. so if you don't use more than 100 gig a month you can get high speed internet. hope that little ramble helps, cheers.

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thats scupperd you peter 100gbs will last you about 2 days

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In Serpins we have internet via optical fiber.
It works perfect with high speed - I pay €35 pr month for unlimmited amounts of data.
If possible in your area I can recommend it !


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