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Meo Wifi Router  


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Joined: 13 years ago
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24/01/2020 6:06 pm  

Hi All

I have for a long time had problems with my internet speed. I have a number of times filled in the Complaints book online.

Meo have now offered me a 4G wireless router but where i live the best we can get in my village is 3G. Meo promised me that the router will work on 3G.

Question has anybody had internet speed problems and been offered the 4G router and did it work.


Estimable Member Admin
Joined: 6 years ago
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18/03/2020 2:23 pm  

Late reply Peter, but a 4G router should work on a 3G network (but not the other way round), but it will only work at 3G speed which will not be very quick. Did you ever get your issue sorted?

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Joined: 13 years ago
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18/03/2020 7:54 pm  

Hi Bobbie

I just use the wifi router when i go out and to save from finding a local signal. At the moment i am getting 0.90mbps so life is not to bad.


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Joined: 14 years ago
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19/03/2020 12:25 am  

As I understand it Peter has no fiber connection, and is in an area that has a very weak mobile phone data signal. His only alternative is to use a satellite connection for internet but this is more expensive. As he is in an area that since the fire is mostly connected by fiber I think that his best option is to put pressure on MEO/Altice.


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Joined: 15 years ago
Posts: 716
19/03/2020 9:02 am  

Just because there is a weak signal from MEO/Altice using 3G/4G connection doesn't mean that the area doesn't have coverage from Vodafone or NOS.  Ask a friend that has a UK Mobile on roaming to visit, turn the phone off and on again and see which provider it logs into.  Hopefully you will get a positive result.  All prices are much the same between the three main providers, just choose the one that gives you best signal.  Good Luck


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