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Portugal Local is Live

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Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that http://www.portugallocal.co.uk is up and running.

For those of you that don't know, it's a site promoting Portuguese based businesses as well as individuals who may have rental property to let etc. We've already had a few of you add your site, so thank you for those.

Please go ahead and put your link on to the site - and while you're at it, add your site to http://www.seeitlocal.eu, our sister site, which has links to businesses across the UK and in Portugal.

Help Portugal Local be a success and add you link today!

If you'd like further information about advertising packages that we have, please do get in touch - details below.

Best wishes,

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That's brilliant, Auntyems. :D It's going to be a great success, I'm sure. I mentioned somewhere else that Rita is incommunicado for the moment, think she's changed her mobile number! Doh! I'll send her an e-mail though and I'll speak to my boss when I see her next week, she's still on holiday this week.

Best of luck, you're the man! You're actually the woman but it doesn't sound quite right, does it! :D

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pdt20 Congrats auntyems on the new site looks good and we wish you good luck with it. pdt20

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:lol: Well done, a great site :lol:


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