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Schist Houses  


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04/08/2020 3:18 pm  


A while back I was researching buying a ruin, and I came across a bit of info saying that all schist houses are basically protected, and require special permits to renovate.  Does anyone know if this is true?

Thanks 🙂

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07/09/2020 1:58 pm  

We live in a renovated schist house that was revamped about 40 year ago. My son has bought a ruined schist house ( no roof, and falling down walls) and has had an architect design a rebuild and submission to planning. It would seem that permission to rebuild is based upon the age of the ruin. If it is over 70 years old ie. before 1952, then it is usual for planning to be agreed. A younger ruin than that and there might be problems. 

I hope that this helps. 

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08/09/2020 8:55 am  

I just Googled Schist Houses as I wasn't too sure exactly what it meant and our old house is made from stone but not this kind. What beautiful buildings.


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