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TMN 4g is no good for filmon

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well here we are 2 weeks after losing astra satellite so have been using filmon i get a message from TMN saying about fair usage as i am approching 12 gb and 15gb is my limit ,tonight as i got to 12,15 gb they slowed me down just done a speed test ,this will make you laugh
ping 102
download 0.12
upload 0.12
making skating on ice into a bloody marathon :x

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Hi Nigel

And i worry about 0.85mbps

Peter " Dreams can come true "


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Dongles are subject to "fair useage" and set by ANACOM if you swopped to a fixed wireless internet & telephone like WoW there not


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It's worse with Optimus 3g, and they didn't send us any notification. For a couple of days last week we were getting download speeds of between 0.02 and 0.04 (that is not a misprint, yes 0.02 to 0.04!).

Fixed line is not an available option for where we are in the sticks, we will have to look at the Satellite internet options.


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Be careful with the current satellite Internet options!

I heard over the grapevine this weekend that Tooway have been having problems with their provider.

Methinks for now looks like the best option.


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