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Tomar and Linhaceira Carnival dates  


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23/01/2020 10:40 am  

For anybody who is interested, here are the dates for the Tomar and Linhaceira Carnivals.

Tomar: Children´s carnival in the morning, Feb. 21st.
Adult carnival in afternoon of Tues. 25th Feb. This usually starts about 4pm from
the 7 hills garden, down to the big r/bout and along to the Praça. But if you want a
good view best to get there early - and expect them to be late starting!!

Linhaceira is on Sunday 23rd. They usually start about 3pm and (unlike Tomar)
they go round the circuit 3 times so if you miss something you can hang around or
move to a different place to see it all again. I prefer this to Tomar actually.
As parking is really difficult it is best to get there early. We get there about 1.45 pm
and take photos in the huge carpark while the floats are "gathering".

If you don´t like carnivals, I suggest you avoid both places on these dates as roads
are blocked!

Mrs. T.

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23/01/2020 9:50 pm  

Hi Gerry

Please consider a section or list of markets. Ok i have a reason for it but also so many Expats visit markets.



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