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Where do you guys find your holiday rentals?

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Hey folks - i am flying to Portugal for a month from the 18th of August to the 18th of September, and i've been looking for 2-4 places to rent for either a week or 2 weeks. So far i've found the site:

and checked the forum here as well as AirBnB, and i've been unable to find anything that isn't already booked, taken down for booking or within my budget.

I'm basically looking for:
A small 1-2 person house furnished with fridge, oven and electricity for max 300 a week, preferrably around 250. I would strongly prefer a house over an apartment, because i live in an apartment already.

Can anyone help point me to sites you know?

Kindest regards,



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Not the easiest year, and the busiest time! You may need to use some older-fashioned options:

-tourist offices have lists of rental places, many of which may not have online presence or be on the major sites;

-Google Maps may show you options not coming up on the major sites, and direct contact might help;

-if you see places on Booking etc, Google the places, see if you can contact them directly, as they may not be set up to take longer bookings via the major sites.


Good luck with it!


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