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More than 90 days but less than 365

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Hi All,


the recent news on D7s and D8 visa changes have made me nervous on our position and to be frank we have been right on the edge since buying a house last June. So our situation is… much as we want to move to Portugal as our main home, for now my job and family commitments still require our presence in the UK. We are maxing out or 90 allowance by pretty much spending 2 weeks of every month in each country (UK/Portugal). We would like to up that a little but am unsure if we go for a D7 or D8 (a conversation in its own right as watching every YouTube report going at the moment to try and learn more) if it locks us into a minimum duration we must be in Portugal to comply as I’ve read so many different accounts I can’t work it out. I think our situation is right in the middle of the 90day limit and what I’m interpreting is a minimum duration for D7/D8…. But, asking here as really not sure. Any help much appreciated.

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You have to be in Portugal for at least 16 of the first 24 months and then 28 of the 36 months on the renewal.

You might be able to get exemptions for business travel on the D8. 

Good time to get an expert opinion from Gilda at Ei!


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Many thanks… as suspected we sit somewhere in the middle. More thought… more pondering :-/


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