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moving RV "motorhome" from U.S.

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Moving American RV ("motorhome") plus trail car ("dinghy" or "toad" in U.S. RV-speak) to Cascais to live in part-time for years to come.  Surprisingly, difficulty isn't so much shipping these two vehicles but licensing myself to drive the Class C Winnebago View built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis because of the weight.   It's not a big RV by U.S. standards but more than the 3500 kg that is the upper limit for driving these things in Europe without a commercial drivers license.  Shipping is relatively cheap, plan to register it permanently with European plates.   Unit is never returning to U.S.   However, qualifying to drive it is another matter.    Looking for mentor or company which manages these transitions to understand step-by-step the requirements.  Driven this rig many miles in the U.S. side-by-side the big boys.   So probably could pass a European commercial driver's license.   Maybe.   Prefer to find a way around that mess.   Thanks in advance for help.  Guessing UK residents with larger RVs will soon find themselves confronting similar issues.

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Did you ever move your vehicle to Portugal? If so, did you put it inside a container with your belongings or did you ship it separate? Did you ship a regular passenger vehicle? I am trying to get info on shipping passenger vehicle (since cars are cheaper in US, with more options in the cars-but there are the added expenses of shipping. So I'm trying to find people who've actually done it). Thanks for any feedback.


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