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Moving to PT with Down Syndrome

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Quick question about relocating to PT with an adult child who is a Down Syndrome person. Our son is turning 18 tomorrow! We have contacted an attorney and are attempting to discern if establishing Power of Attorney will suffice, or whether we should attempt full Guardianship. This is particularly relevant for us, since we will need to obtain a PT visa for him and he will not have any personal income. I want to attempt to make visa this as easy for him/us as possible...any advice would be hugely appreciated!!
Muito obrigado!
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Hi Craig,

Cant help you I'm afraid, but Happy birthday to your son!


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Hi Craig, 

I would think the easiest for you would be to get your D7 Visa, then have your son join you under the Family Reunification Visa program. Here's the link on the Family Reunification portion. 

Family reunification - General Information - National Visas - Visa (

This is their definition of *family members*. I would think that your son, even though not a minor... would be considered a "dependent" to one, or both of you. 

The following are considered family members of a residing foreign national:

  • Spouse;
  • Minor children; or any dependent to one of the spouses;
  • Minors adopted by a non-married applicant, by the applicant himself or the spouse, following a decision by the competent authority from the country of origin, as long as the law of the country recognizes adopted children the same rights and duties as to natural children, and as the decision is recognized by Portugal. Non-minor children, dependent to the couple or one of the spouses, single and studying in a Portuguese institution, when the residency permit has been granted in compliance with article 90 A;
  • First degree lineal ascendants, dependents of either the resident or his/her spouse;
  • Minor brothers or sisters, as long as under the guardianship of the resident, when in harmony with a decision issued by the competent authority from the country of origin, and as long as such a decision is recognized in Portugal.

Checking with an attorney is probably a great idea... but basically you would get your visa, then have your family join you in Portugal once yours is approved. 

Hope it all works out and Happy Birthday to your son!



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I can't advise on your visa application, but this organisation may be useful to you when you move here:


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