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Solicitors to move quickly for Portugal house purchase  

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Hi guys,

We've just returned from a few weeks in Ericeira where we had an offer accepted on a house.

We've returned back to the UK and found that the sale of our UK property is moving VERY quickly and we should be completing in around 5 weeks.

I had previously made contact with a solicitors called Judicare Group who seemed very helpful and professional and quoted 1% plus VAT

I've kept them up to date over the last few weeks but over the last few days it's been quite hard to make contact with them. I emailed them yesterday morning to ask if we could kick-start to process and get things moving asap, but I haven't heard anything back yet.

I'm wondering if 5-6 weeks is at all realistic and if anyone has had dealings with a particularly fast solicitors and buying process?

If not I think I may have to get the removal firm to store our stuff while we wait for our Portugal property to complete


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It is worth pointing out that most Portuguese businesses do not answer emails.

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Tommy, We had/ still have a wonderful solicitor who closed on our first house for us while we were still in the US. What part of Portugal is the new house that you want to buy? I can give you our solicitor's name but won't help you if you are in the north. The trick is to find a solicitor who specializes in house closing. They know how to research the property for prior claims and how to line up all the necessary things even though you are out of the country.


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@peggyl Thanks Peggy, this is really helpful. We're buying a property in Ericeira which is around 30 mins from Lisbon. I changed my solicitor as the last one from Judicare went a bit awol. The one I'm using now is moving very quickly and seems to have done what you said and is raising queries already and is doing a great job of chasing and staying ontop of the estate agents

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@tommy87 Hi Tommy,

Welcome to the forum.

Most companies close down for the entire month of August (Summer Holidays) so it is very difficult to get any responses during that time. 

Expats Portugal has a partner called Reis & Pellicano and they do real estate law as well as many other practices. Please find their details below and I know they are currently open.

They also offer a 10% discount off their fees to all Premium Members of our site. Please contact me if this is of interest to you.



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