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What Brands Do You MIss From Home?

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I'm just home for a work stint and have realised all the things I've been doing without unnecessarily. Bonds brand undies and Berlei bras, for example - I've never met undies I like in Portugal. Vegemite is another necessity for us Aussies. And Kraft Crunchy Peanut Butter - the skippy band in Modelo might have a nice name but it's not the same.

What brands from home do you miss? What should people moving to Portugal think about bringing a supply of?

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The problem with bringing stuff out with you is that it all to soon finishes and that's the dilemma, how much of them and will it last in the heat, sell by dates etc etc

But with Amazon...........

My wife was sitting watching a tv programme last week and they showed grapefruit segments being processed
“It's been years since I had some of them for breakfast” she says

a click here and there on her laptop and on Friday Amazon delivered 12 tins of said grapefruit segment along with fish food and a speciality bread making flour.

I was wanting to upgrade my mobile and searched the web for cheap versions and then I email amazon uk and asked if UNLOCKED phones sold by them will work in Portugal with a Portuguese sim card and two hours later I received a email that answered my questions – they will as long as its UNLOCKED and not just sim free.
So now to order my favourite brand of mobile at a good price.



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Mature English cheddar cheese, I don't care who makes it, I need cheese!!


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Continente also now do their own pre-packed Cheddar :)


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I agree with goatperson about the undies. Apart from
being 'rubbish' they're very expensive.

My 'other half' can't do without his Marmite.

We can buy good,strong cheese now so that's not a


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