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Bom Dia Alegria!

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Hello everyone,


My name is Matthias Lanuschny and maybe you already have seen some comments of mijn in the good morning Portugal show.

I decided a couple weeks ago to move to Portugal (soon™).

Planning atm is like this:
1) get the owners association of my condo to fix the chimney for my heating and warm water (out of service since 20.12.2020)
2) Move to Portugal and rent a house of a friend of mine in Pombal (hopefully this year, but at latest Q1 2021)
3) Sell my condo in Amsterdam (should be very quick as market in Amsterdam is crazy and all house are sold at least 20% above asking price)
4) find a nice place for me and my two dogs (preferably some kind of Quinta)

If you have any questions let me know 🙂

cheers and have fun

P.S.: I will be in Portugal in september (getting my NIF and bankaccount if possible, find a trusty lawyer for the buying transaction and also have a look at some houses/Quintas on the market then)


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Wow. You are in a fantastic position to be a seller in Amsterdam at the moment    The market there is so hot that you could probably sell easily even with the faulty  chimney. 😊 


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