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Clueless about moving to Portugal with children.. I don't know where to start.

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My husband and I looking into the D7 Visa for Portugal. He retires from the Military in 2 years and apparently his pension will qualify us for that.

We have two children (13 & 8) and I'm trying to find out more information about the schooling system. Both of my kids are already anxious about the idea of moving to a Country where they don't speak the language, so I'm trying to figure this part of the equation out. Obviously we want to learn the language and understand how important it is, but I'm worried about them feeling overwhelmed by not understanding the instruction in school. How do we navigate this part of things? Specifically how would we help to keep them from falling behind in school while they learn the language? 

I'm also trying to figure out how to look for available jobs in Portugal, I feel very clueless here. I don't even know where to start.

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Regarding schools, there are some international ones, but are expensive (at least under portuguese standards). Public school is fine (and free), and english is taught to all portuguese children over 10 yo. Your kids will learn the language quickly, but in the beginning it might look hard. You can start now having lessons online or just (for starters) watching portuguese YT videos, namely kids videos, as those are usually easier to understand.

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Have you considered online schooling?  There are some expat virtual schools available.  Just being immersed in a new country and culture in itself is a great education.  

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@dally the snag with that is that they won’t pick up Portugueuse and won't make friends. Well online friends, yes, but going to a school is the best way to integrate perhaps?

Having said that, for now, online is good for language. Freya, if you don’t know it already, get them both started on Portugueuse using Duolingo. It's free unless you sign up for a more extensive version, it is Brazilian Portugueuse but it's a great way to just become a little more familiar with the language, it is also great for kids as it is formatted almost as a game. It would be fine for their ages. You can pick up quite a lot of language in just a ten minute session.

Also, while the kids will pick up Portugueuse anyway, they will also find that English is spoken by a lot of Portuguese which will help them initially. They are lucky and privileged, they will become virtually bilingual going over at that age.


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