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Finding Vegan Community in Portugal  


New Member Community Member
Joined: 3 months ago
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12/05/2020 4:33 am  

I'm seeking to find the healthy lifestyle community of eating entirely plant-based in Portugal.  Which regions, cities, or villages of Portugal are more vegan-friendly?  What English-speaking vegan groups are available for meet-ups within Portugal? Are there any Portuguese Vegfests in the works?  What vegan or plant-based tips of the culture can you recommend?  

I've been Vegan in the Pacific Northwest of the United States for 10 years, and I'm looking forward to my new home in Portugal!  Eating the plant-based way.  

Peace, Love, and Kale. <3

Active Member Admin
Joined: 6 months ago
Posts: 188
12/05/2020 9:43 am  

Hi Jeanne,

Welcome to the forum.

Apart from finding other vegans, are there any other things that would need to be on your list of places to consider? Rural or city? Inland or by the sea?

We have a country house in Castelo de Vide near the Spanish border and there is a strong alternative community there... many vegan and some raw food. And being so close to the Spanish border, you can also network with the Spanish vegans (when the border is open of course).

Also, Veganism may be a great Group topic to start in our Groups section, but you would need to upgrade to a Premium member to get that started. 


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