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Hello from Pueblo, Colorado

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My wife (Yvette) and I are contemplating a move to Portugal when Y is able to retire, around April, 2024. I’m on this site to gather as much information as I can. I’ve done enough research to know I need help, and eventually want to engage an expert to advise us on the ins and outs of a move. Have to fly to San Francisco to apply for a D7? Sheese! This is going to be complicated. 

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Posted by: @patman

Have to fly to San Francisco to apply for a D7?

It depends on where you live in the U.S. as to which VFS office you may have to visit. If you're from the western U.S., yes, you may have to visit the VFS office in San Francisco to drop off your application and supporting documentation.  If you happen to live in the eastern U.S., you may be able to mail into to the D.C. office.

Lots of great people here and lot's of answers to many questions and remember, we're all here for the same reason and have been, or are going through the same processes!


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Hey, misticjef, Yes, I already rejected New York and D.C., but you couldn’t peek in my mind to know that. Frisco would be closer, anyway, but if we decide to go through with, I’d rather vacation in San Francisco.


Thanks for the welcome!



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Hi @patman, welcome to the forum.

The VFS office and consulate depend on your location.

You can place your doubts here, and join the Good Morning Show (08h30 AM, Lisbon Time), on Youtube, for live conversation, being Mondays the best day to take care of migration doubts, as a migration expert will be live.


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Hi Pat & Yvette! 

Welcome, there seems to be quite a few Colorado folks here lately. We are from so many of the western states it would be hard to pick one. 

You have come to the right place for information on starting a life here in Portugal. We are currently living in Lisbon.

We are working on a checklist based on our journey and will be sharing that when completed. So many members here have contributed, and we are lucky to have such a robust community on the ground here in Portugal.

Kind Regards,

Trevor & Shannon



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Hello @patman!  We, too, are from Colorado, Pagosa Springs, specifically.  We recently kicked off our D7 process to hopefully be in PT early 2023.  Initially, after years of research, we were going to manage and execute the Visa and temporary residency processes ourselves.  It is very doable without an expert and you can save a chunk of change.  I even went to PT specifically to meet with an immigration lawyer, a real estate broker and PT tax accountant to be more prepared.  In the end; however, we decided to hire an expert to manage the process, mainly because we don't want any unnecessary delays.  Given we aren't experts, the probability of us having to correct or redo things and the challenges of just negotiating a rental agreement, given we don't speak the language, would likely cause significant delays.  Plus, there are sooooo many other things to think about: do you sell or rental your home?, do you ship or sell your things?, how do you ship your pet?, where do we want to live?, do we want to buy or rent?, how does mail work?, can I keep my US bank?, etc.  We have hired Ei!, which as you may already know, is a company this forum recommends and promotes.  If you become a Premium Member of this group, you'll get a 10% discount on Ei! services.  There are many other migration organizations you can use but Ei! has a proven reputation, at least with this group 😉 , and although we just started the process, so far, so good.  

Unfortunately, we don't get to choose the VFS office we have to use as it is based on where you live.  We haven't been to our VFS appointment yet but I'll posted about it for those, like you, who may be interested.

You may have discovered Facebook is another great resource for expats. I rejoined FB recently (after a five year hiatus), just for the expat information and to sell belongings on their Marketplace.  It's worth noting, I loathe FB but when it comes to expat information, there are some great groups to join.

If there is anything we can help with, let us know.  Pueblo isn't far from us and we could meet in the middle, if you'd like.  Alamosa is only a couple hours away.  We're retired so our schedule is flexible.  Keep in touch and good luck!  


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