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  1. Gayle and Dan here, from the US - Chicago area.  We are at the very beginning of our journey toward living in Portugal and look forward to learning with and from this lovely Expats group.  Hoping to travel again in October to explore the Silver Coast area for rental and purchase options.  Would value member’s guidance on  this region.  
  2. purchased a subscription through Rosetta Stone for Portuguese.  Have learned that was a mistake.  Trying to hone in on wiser options for language learning and would appreciate any tips or recommendations.  
  3. this is my first time on the member’s site.  Hoping to gain some fluency over the coming weeks on how to use the site.  Looks rich with resources.  
  4. well that all for now.  Happy to be Portugal dreamin!  
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@branking Welcome to this great community.  I have learned quite a bit during my time here.  I also live in the US and am hoping to retire in Portugal in the next few years.

Take advantage of all the great info and video presentations this site has to offer.  Also, make sure to sign up for the various Video Seminars as they become available.

Good Luck in your Journey.....


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Welcome to the site and the community, We love Chicago and have dear friends there. Could never live there due to the weather but that's another story.

May I suggest checking out Youtube videos called "talk the streets" with Liz. Her short videos are free, practical and easy to understand. She will have you speaking like a native in no time. There are quite a few videos available, try to start with her first lesson, "sounding like a local."

On this site there are a lot of expats with a lot of experiences who can help you along your journey. Some things have changed since we arrived here from Kentucky, pre-covid such as immigration requirements etc. But there are other things to read that will never change such as learning to drive here as an American. 

For up to date requirements on the paperwork needed, you can check out the Portuguese embassy site (in Washington DC)       

But you can also ask other expats for help with questions. I am happy to try and answer your questions. 

Welcome again




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Welcome @branking

As @peggyL says there are free and great resources out there.

I enjoy having 1:1 lessons over Skype with Portuguese in Pyjamas - see FB. An experienced, qualified teacher offering excellent value for money. Just a thought.


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