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Looking to move to a country home with decent gardens for the dogs ...  

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Hello everyone 

I'm looking to semi-retire in Portugal and spend at least 9mnths of the year there initially.  My issue is moving as a ' single white female' 🙂 Especially as I would like to live more inland, due to the fact I love mountains lakes & animals planning a small animal rescue, as I do now.

I want to begin my search in September with a view to moving in spring /summer '21

Anyone on here know anyone who has relocated as a single person ? Any estate agents that cater for country homes?

Many thanks


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Hello Alison and welcome.

I do not see any issues with you moving here as a single person, except that it would be good to have a friend or two close by to help you through the settling in process.

Can you tell us where your are from and what area appeals to you in Portugal and we will be able to help you further.




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Hi Alison,

I have a friend who moved here alone, bought a small farm and built rural tourism (accommodation place). She was also a hairdresser so would cut hair to make some additional money. Her plan was to be here for only 5 years and earlier this year sold up and moved back to England to be close to her daughter.

She did love it here and Portugal will always hold a place in her heart.

Have you seen the website Pure Portugal? They specialise in rural properties.


Also, our friends at Enjoy-Portugal can help you find a place if you would like guidance about buying property. They have a webinar coming up on the 3rd September you can join. They specialise in rural properties.


There is a recording from a previous webinar we did with Pieter a couple of months ago too. You can find it here:


Good luck.



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Thankyou i will look at the all! Regards Alison x


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Hi Alison, I have recently joined this site, and like you I am single and plan to move to Portugal hopefully next year.... I’m looking at Central Portugal. How are your plans going during this crazy time...any idea of where you’re  hoping to settle. 


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@maria-g hello! if you need any assistance about Central Portugal let me know, I live and know this area quite well. You're more than welcome here!

Alison, let us know a little bit more about you so that we can figure out which would be the best region of you to settle. I know some people and projects that shelter and rescue animals both in Central Portugal, North and in the South. One of them is even looking for residents (that would help taking care of the animals in general). Let me know if that would be of your interest.

It's totally fine coming alone! You will make plenty of friends, I am sure.


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