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Need a good advogado!

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Back in 2013 we bought an old house on Madeira, and with love and much effort stopped it falling down and restored it. It's a town house, so wedged up close to other properties. On one side the neighbours are lovely, and they look after the house in our absence. The huge house on the other side was until last year empty and growing increasingly decrepit. 

It turns out the reason for this was that the owners, two brothers, were waiting for an EU grant to help them renovate the house as a hostel/hotel. They finally received funds and the work started. Since they are well connected locally, the planning approval process seems to have been relaxed, to put it mildly. 

But no matter; it didn't directly impact us. What has affected us is that their building works have tipped cr*p all over our house and terrace. The owners will not respond to any communication from us or any other neighbour, who are complaining in droves to the parish council. Their arrogance may well be explained by the fact they are both lawyers, who don't feel the need for basic courtesy or to engage on a civil and social level with anyone. 

Given it's likely the damage to our property will get worse, and in anticipation of further trouble once the hostel opens, I feel it's time to get a lawyer. I feel it's probably best to get one outside Madeira, where there is something of an old-boys' network. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for good advogados who can help us initially with a formal request for payment to put right damage done so far? 



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