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28/05/2020 6:02 pm  


My name is Roberta and I currently live in Sacramento, California. I have great hopes of relocating part time and/or full time in retirement to Portugal in about 2 years. I am of 100% Portuguese decent. Both of my grandfathers emigrated to California from Madeira and Sao Jorge. I am doing my behind the scenes work right now hoping this forum will help me connect with the resources I need for further answers. I am hoping to apply for dual citizenship at some point as is allowed due to my grandfathers, but of course need to take the test first. I have been to Portugal several times and know that areas from central Portugal North are right for me. I actually love the snow, so who knows, maybe Serra da Estrela could be a possibility. I love Porto and Coimbra. My trip this year has been cancelled due to the covid 19 virus.

Anyway, at this point would like to know if anyone has any good resources for international tax accountants. Am very interested to find out what are the potential tax consequences for me based on a variety of living scenarios in Portugal and haven't found a good source here at home yet. 

Also have questions regarding health care, I understand as a legal resident I can get Portuguese health care and may purchase a private policy in addition. I also read that this can be done through a bank? Also that if one is over 60 you cannot go through a bank. Anyone, have a good answer or resource? Any US citizen expats out there who are using both Medicare and the Portuguese health system? 

And last am considering buying a home in Portugal but need to speak with a local realtor or someone who can discuss with me in more detail the process, fees, insurance etc. 

Look forward to your replies.

Muito obrigada.

Tchau. Roberta

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29/05/2020 11:39 am  

Hello Roberta and a very warm welcome.

I wish you every success in your efforts for duel citizenship and meanwhile, I can respond on your other points as follows;

In terms of financial planning and tax advice, I would recommend you speak with one of our sponsors Blevins Franks. I will send you a private message with an email address. Also, there is quite a lot of information on this subject under our Life in Portugal and the Blog sections of our site and probably worth a quick read through.

Regarding healthcare, again there is some information under our Life in Portugal section. Yes, you can purchase private healthcare insurance and you can 'mix & match' between the state system and the private system. The cost of insurance schemes here is much less than the cost in USA. I will send you some contact information in my private message.

Lastly, regarding real estate. Yet again (would you believe!), we have some general information on our site. Click on this link:

In order for our members to recommend a local realtor, can you give us an indication of your preferred town to start your search.

Kind regards


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29/05/2020 7:36 pm  

Hi Roberto

Welcome to the Forum. Sorry i can't answer your questions but i am sure it won't take long and you will get the answers you need.



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