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New Member Moving To Porto Next Week!

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Hello everyone! 

Before arriving in Porto, I want to introduce myself and make some connections. My name is Ali, and I am a 29-year-old creative director. I will be moving to Porto this Sunday! I am incredibly excited to start my new journey in Portugal. I would love to get to know some of you currently living in Porto and, share experiences/gain insights into my new life.

I look forward to participating in this form to help others and learn new tips and tricks along the way!

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Hi Ali,

Congrats! I hope to be retiring there in a few years so I'm completely envious. I'll be making my initial trip to Porto in September so I'm looking for the same tips and advice. Hope it's a wosnderful new life for you!


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Hi @aliexpat, welcome to the forum

You'll find this forum very usefull, with lots of people ready to help, within their knowledge.

Did you already know Porto? Hope you're ready for some cold and rain in this winter time...



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@aliexpat Hi Ali and Welcome! We have a great Expat group here in Porto. We just completed our monthly meetup for January on the 12th with ~31 attendees! Look forward to meeting you, our next meetup for February is on the 16th, details can be found here:

February Porto Meetup

We also have a thread in the forums for the February Meetup:

Meetup Thread


Additionally, every Tuesday at 10:45am there is a casual coffee for girls and one for guys as well at the El Corte Ingles (6th Floor Restaurant) in Gaia.


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Hi Ali @aliexpat - Welcome to Porto! Definitely come check out the coffee group on Tuesdays in Gaia. It's a great group of women. There are always posts about different events happening and things to do locally.   Our monthly meetups are also fun and a great way to make connections and friendships.


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