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New Members Update 28/06/2020  

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We had ALLIED MOVERS pack our shipping container in the US, They were the only good thing about the move. They did a good job. If you have that Co. in your radius, you might give them a call and ask what international companies they deal with. Other than RAINIER Overseas Movers. They are basically consolidators who arrange all the other moving companies and the shipping. But they will NOT take responsibility when a situation like ours occurs. They took all the credit for hiring the ALLIED movers who were so good but refused to take responsibility for whatever happened between the US port and our home in Portugal. We feel the Portuguese movers had a great deal to do with it because they opened the container when they were told NOT to open it. We had DUTY FREE import papers because we were becoming citizens and Customs declined to open & inspect the container. But GLOBAL RELOCATION in Lisbon went against our written instructions and opened the container, unloaded the container, did not report any problem, waited a week to deliver our goods and they REFUSED to compensate at all because our contract was not with them, the contract was with RAINIER, and GLOBAL was a sub-contractor.

Then RAINIER talked us into getting their sister co. insurance saying it always paid out well. ALL of our goods were soaking wet. Clothes & linens were molded & mildewed and some had to be thrown out. Every single box was damaged in some way. Furniture damaged & water-soaked. The insurance co. UNIRISC offered a settlement of $1,600 (minus $1,000 deductible) on the $ $9,000 plus insurance policy that we took out. 

I can't tell you who to choose, but I can tell you what happened to us and show the pictures and suggest you choose different movers. Peggy




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