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Olá ExpatsPortugal community

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Hello everyone, first post here although I've been active in the comments on GMP YouTube for a couple of weeks.

By way of an introduction, my wife and I currently live in NW England with our teenage son. We are planning to emigrate from the UK in just over three years after he finishes sixth form.

At the moment, Portugal is far and away the most likely choice for our new home, for a number of reasons. I visited Portugal for the first time in 2019 (Porto and Lisbon) and realised that I'd slept on what an amazing country it is. The history, culture, music, food, drink, and the tolerance/kindness of the people all blew me away. The climate is also a big draw, of course, as well as the scenery and the ease of getting out into nature. Lastly, there seems to be a hunger for change and a positive attitude towards innovation (from what I've read and seen online) that I don't see here in the UK right now, which is important to us as we want to try to make a positive contribution to the economy and community of wherever we move to.

We have previously lived overseas (me in NZ and Australia, my wife in Spain, and more recently as a family in Saudi Arabia) so we're reasonably familiar with the challenges of expat life - as well as the benefits, of course! We plan to visit Portugal together as a family before the move, hopefully for a couple of months over the summer holidays (this year if possible, otherwise next year) to assess whether we are suited to living in Portugal full time. My wife and I both work online, so we can do that from wherever there's a fast internet connection (fibre rather than 4G probably). Also helps that Portugal and the UK share a timezone.

I'll try to make sure I ask questions in the correct forums (and contribute where I can, of course) but any general advice in response to the unnecessarily verbose brainfart above will be gratefully received.

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