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Scout trip to Portugal

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My wife and I are taking a trip to Portugal in November. We're interested in the Golden Visa residency program. Trying to figure out the best way to investigate our options in terms of where to live and what/where/how/ to invest in the right business or property. Looking forward to the process!

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Under the GV program your options of where to live will be restricted to the low density population areas, list here.


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Hi Reginald and welcome to the forums. You can find the Expats Portugal preferred GV business here Holborn Assets | Expats Portugal

They recently did an overview on the Expats Portugal YouTube channel. Here is a link to that. They showed some interesting opportunities we were not aware of. 

We live in Lisbon on a temporary residence permit, so we did not use the GV. Post any questions you have. 


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I didn't spend much time looking into it, since it so clearly wasn't going to work for me, but I did happen to notice that at the time, Soure was in an eligible area, and it kind of appeals to me - nice town, right on a river and with a small castle, and closer to the ocean than a lot of eligible areas.  Also near enough to Coimbra to qualify as a "bedroom community" in our real estate agent's opinion.  We were there a few weeks ago on the occasion of their big fair.