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Any member who got D7 from Middle East (Saudi Arabia)

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Hello everyone, 

So glad to be at the right place with right people. Thanks Admins (shoutout)

I am planning to apply for D7 from Saudi arabia. Here VFS does not take applications for Type-D Visa for Portugal so they directed me toward the embassy of Portugal in Riyadh city. I am yet to receive a reply from them to my email, they have also not responded to my calls. I needed to check the procedure and document checklist to apply the visa.

On the other hand, I am trying to get in contact with Ei Migrante, called there office twice, i was asked to send email with details to Geral @ eimgrante which i did and i am waiting for them to notice me from the pile of emails 😀 (yup i am down here) i would really love to get there services because i have heard a lot of good things about them. lets see and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, if any one of you guys knows the procedure to apply from Saudi Arabia, please help me out. 

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@waqasm. There is a list of requirements on the consulate's website. They are pretty much the same as any other consulate around the world. What I've learned,  it always boils down to how strict/lenient they are in terms of funds, accommodations etc.  I haven't sent an application yet, as we do not intend to relocate until early 2022.  I have been slowly crossing the list and will be sending in requirements in a couple of months. Would be nice if we can compare notes or better yet, some nice fellow in this forum can give us both some pointers. Good luck.


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