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Certificado de Bagagem

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I've looked at the Portuguese Consulate in London’s website for the above and note I have to provide proof of closing my house in the U.K. my dad and son live in my house in the UK so providing evidence of utility closure will be difficult and I don’t want to sign off at the doctors yet as I haven’t organised a Portuguese doctor yet. Can anyone advise another proof that they used in order to get the Certificado? 


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We live in the USA and are getting our D7's soon and sending a shipping container with our household effects. We will be applying for the Certificado de Bagagem when we get our D7's. We are not selling our house in the USA for another year or two. Can you not ship goods from the USA unless you sell or "cancel" your residence? 

The following documents are required for the issuance of the baggage certificate:

  • Document proving the dates of start and cancellation of residence in the country;
  • Supporting documents on how personal property was used for at least 6 months before the date of termination of residence;
  • List of personal property to be imported.
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1. Document proving the dates of start and cancellation of residence in the country;This is for NON American citizens such as a Pt. Citizen living in the US for school or work. They want to make sure that NON Americans are not going to the US and loading up a shipping container of goods to bring back here to sell. If you are a US Citizen with a US passport and have lived in the US that is all you need to say in a short note and signed by the person who is importing the goods.

2. Supporting documents on how personal property was used for at least 6 months before the date of termination of residence; Same reason as reason #!. They do not want a 40 foot container of charming bath tissue being imported for resale. You can use the same letter with #1 above in the 1st paragraph and this line item as item #2. Just simply say that the items being shipped are your personal household goods in your possession for personal use of you and your family. That's all they want to know.

#3 List of personal property to be imported. IN TRIPLICATE. use the copy from the mover with the box and item numbers. You have to send the original and 2 copies. Keep a copy of all documents for yourself.

All of this is sent to the consulate with a stamped, INSURED envelope addressed to yourself at the address in Portugal where you will have your items delivered. Don't forget to send the consulate the required for for duty free baggage certificate. Keep a Detailed list of everything in each box for yourself. The consulate doesn't want a detailed list but if anything happens to your shipment, the insurance co. will want a detailed list. The consulate ties everything up with a pretty bow and tamper proof seal and mails it in the envelope that you provided. When you receive the duty free certificate, you need to send it to the Pt. Moving company that is going to receive your household goods off the ship and bring them to you. The moving co. will meet the ship and give the duty free certificate to customs & immigration. Very, Very rarely do they open a shipping container when there is duty free import because of residency. Be sure to provide to the Portuguese moving company the directions to your new home and find out if you will need a special permit for the truck to be in the road all day. If it will not impede traffic, there is no special permit required. Give your Portuguese mover instructions IN WRITING as to the authority to break the numbered security seal on the container, unload the container and pout your household goods in their own truck. If the shipping container CAN come to your home with the seal intact, it will be better for you. If the Pt. movers off-load your goods & reload into small cargo vans to transport to your new home, it can cost several thousand extra euro. 

Good Luck


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In your situation I think that a possible solution is to close one of your utilities and ask your family remaining in the UK house to take it over.

The doctor is a different subject, as when you are not a UK resident you will no longer be eligible  for NHS. You may wish to keep under the radar about this. That is up to you.



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