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Declaring new activity in Financas Portal - hitting a wall

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I am being told to register my activity (I am a non-EU national registering a self-employed activity which is the basis for the application for residency I will submit), I have to have a VAT representative registered.  I HAVE a fiscal representative from when I got my NIF, so Financas has this on record.  My business is not liable for VAT.  So I have no clue what to do.  I've called the Financas number, but of course all menus are in Portuguese, and getting through what I can with what I know, it is an endless tree I finally gave up on after getting four menus deep when it wouldn't accept my NIF.  

So, any idea on how to go about this so I can get my activity registered?  What have others done that have started a new activity as a self-employed non-resident?

Thank you! 

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Sorry to read of your stress and no idea what stage this is at but with Powers of Attorney here in Portugal specify ONLY what they have powers of. i.e. IVA / VAT. Nothing else.

A few years back, having temporarily retained an advogado (who was later briefly imprisoned for setting up and running an Alentejo / Romanian human trafficking ring but still practices) ... he didn't just want power over ALL my affairs (including bizarrely 'forensic' matters!) .... but also, totally unconnected to the invented Defamation matter against me; to have a mandate over my wife!

Just getting him off my back to switch to another advogado cost me 500 euros but another British couple here, involved in a long running fraud, have gone through at least 6 advogados. 2 never even turning up to court cases involving him ! Each time costing him 5,000 euros to get his papers back to pass on to the next advogado.


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