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NIF online

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Ola (Hello) Guys,

Does any of you used NIF Online service

to get NIF number?  Do both husband and wife need to get individual NIF to get D7 visa in Portugal consulate in the USA?  Obrigado (Thank you)!



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You will both need a NIF, yes, it's kind of the first building block of your Portuguese identity, there's almost nothing you can do without one.

I'm afraid I can't comment on that online service, however.


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Hi @andrei

I cannot comment on the online service either but as an organisation, we recommend the professional services of Ei! Assessoria Migratoria. See this link:

Ei! Assessoria Migratória | Expats Portugal

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@gerry Greetings Gerry.  I have contacted Ei! Assessoria and it seems they've changed their style of doing business.  I can't get any price structure from them unless I purchase a 123 Euro "consultation fee".  Maybe she's trying to weed out folks who aren't serious, but really?


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Hi Andre!

I got my NIF online, but DO NOT use Maria Neves if you see her name on Facebook, etc. 

Even though I got my NIF thru her, when she had my confidence and I then sent her money to put into a bank account, she came up with every excuse why she couldn't deposit my money and eventually just kept it...never to reply to my many emails again! Your real tipoff will be if you find someone and then they tell you they don't need a specific power of attorney to complete the transaction (as she did). A power of attorney is necessary that spells out each task they are to perform for you.

It is possible on your own..... with great caution! Or, just do what Gerry suggested.

Good luck,




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I had good luck with Even though it says on their site it may take a couple weeks, I had my NIF in a couple days after submitting the necessary documents.


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