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recibos verdes...self employment in Portugal

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Hello..can someone please briefly explain the Recibos Verdes ...I am a US citizen living n Portugal with a work permit but would like to become self-employed and continue to pay into the Segurança Social.  Someone told me that it  is €80.- per month.  I spoke with a contabilista but did not understand her very well, since she spoke no English...any advise greatly appreciated

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I have no experience of how it works but if you can wade through this, you'll know much more than me!


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Hi, I was on recibos verdes for a few years.  There have been some changes since I went on contract but the main ones seem to be with how you report contributions for social security and the IRS rates I think have decreased a bit. 

For social security it is now based on your last three months salary.  You can fill in your info on the social security website and it calculates it for you. 

For IVA, the threshold is still 10,000€.  Absolutely ridiculous as this hasn't changed since the 70's or 80's according to my colleagues.  So once you reach that you have to start charging IVA on top of the total amount charged.  

Also an issue is if your type of accounting.  I had simplified, I did everything myself. The other option is organised accounting. 

Personally I think to start I would find an English speaking accountant with experience in this and then go in person to Finanças.  Once they set you up you can do everything online.  I don't know what area you live in but I used Accounting Advantage in Alverca, Claudia Azevedo.  Anyway, I am sure in Lisbon there are lots that could help out. 

I found this in English:

And that link came from here which seems up to date:

They are current as well:

I hope some of this helps,



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