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To get NIF number

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Hello Guys,

My name is Andrei Kiselyov.  I am from the state of Washington.  I am looking  to get D7 visa to Portugal.  Could anybody tell me who is your legal representative and what was the cost for you to get NIF number?  Thank you!


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I'm in North Carolina and I used the services of Ei! Assessoria Migratória . You can find their info in the Business Services area on the Forum....


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A Solicitor or lawyer can be a great help with many different issues in Portugal. We found this ADVOCAT BOARD helpful in finding the names of English speaking attorneys. Just because SOME lawyers advertise as "English speaking" does not mean they are failure with America/Portuguese issues. Many concentrate on the UK laws and you will be wasting your time and money. Try this.

We had a solicitor (different from an attorney in Portugal) on retainer for a year and he went to every appointment with us, helped with all the house purchasing issues, bank issues, SEF issues etc...We did not even have to attend the "closing " on our house.                                

     This particular web site is for lawyers in the ALGARVE area ...      


or this one:



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