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US Self-employed considering Portugal

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Hi, I love all the videos on youtube which is how i found this forum. 

My wife and I want to move to europe for a year or two (or more) in the next 2-5 years. I am self-employed consultant (1099) and can work remote from anywhere. Primary income will come from US companies. My wife will probably not work or will move to self-employment. Preferably we would like to live in one country for the year or two and have narrowed the choices down to Spain or Portugal.  We don't want to jump from country to country every 90 days.

However, we are unclear on how the long term visas work as well as taxes. It seams that being self-employed earning income from outside of these countries is a grey area. I've seen conflicting advice on NHR/D7 when it comes to being self-employed (earning active income from outside).  

1.) Can anyone with similar experience of being self-employed and moving abroad give some examples of success and the visa they use?  Did the D7 work?  Did anyone get rejected for D7?  I should have no issues proving finances... I'm just not clear if self-employment income qualifies.

2.) If you are currently living in Portugal, do you qualify for any special tax breaks besides the US tax treaty?  A 45%+ tax on anything over 45k usd is huge!

3.) If you were considering Spain as well, why did you choose Portugal?   

Thanks in advance!!!!

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