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visa requirements from UK

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Hi all, first time posting! 

We have most things ready for a visit to London to do our visa interview... however, we are still waiting for the NIF numbers to arrive. they should be here this month, just unsure when? Are the NIF numbers an essential requirement? the bank gave us temporary ones to open our account. Also, the topic of bank accounts... we are willing to put some money in our portuguese account, do we have to have to move ALL the savings etc. over to the portuguese account? obviously, we don't want to put thousands of pounds into another country without the guarantee of being able to go there and pay the fees that come with moving money? we want to get the process underway but don't want to be refused and waste more time.  we have a house to move into from November.


Sorry for long post, 

Thanks in advance! 


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Hi Amanda

Are you applying for a D7 visa? it is worth having two or three years' worth of money in the bank in Portugal, they want to be able to see that you are self-supporting, plus also proof of your ongoing passive income. There is some discussion about visa requirements if you scroll back a bit.

I have not heard of a bank giving you a temporary NIF, perhaps someone else has come across this? In fact not heard of a temporary NIF at all, mine says it is temporary on the piece of paper but my fiscal rep says it is permanent. 

I am also not sure why you are waiting a month for this permanent NIF, I got mine in days, through a fiscal rep? Is your bank acting as your fiscal rep if they got you a NIF?

Also, you will find reading back on this forum that at the moment it seems pretty hard to get the visa appointment in the UK so sounds like you will need to allow some time for getting that as presumably you are currently on the Schengen 90 day thing in PT?




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Hi I have been trying to get an appointment at the Manchester consulate without any success . Another company Visa Portugal claim they can get you an appointment for 99 euro .  Have anybody dealt with them . We live in North Yorkshire so the reason for using Manchester but we are willing to go to London or Edinburgh if necassary .   I have a NIF and a bank account in portugal . We own an apartment in Bugau and have recently purchased a villa which we are refurbishing at the moment .....just the problem of starting the visa process ?


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Millennium bank will give you temp Nif number, it is called a NIB number but you will still have to get the proper  NIF number to complete the D7. Passive income is more important than large amounts in the Pt accounts SEF do not seem to acknowledge  large bank accounts due to the uncertainty of fast removal. With regarding to Manchester Embassy , have written .E-mailed and tried to ring them for 2 months Zero response. With regard to London/ Edinburgh I was told only Manchester could deal with me due to where I lived.

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Posted by: @paulr

Millennium bank will give you temp Nif number, it is called a NIB number but you will still have to get the proper  NIF number to complete the D7.

A NIB is not a temporary NIF - the two are completely unrelated and independent of each other.

A NIF is your tax id, assigned by the tax authority and something you'll need to quote for a number of purposes.

A NIB is an identifier for a bank account. 


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