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Hello all,

As the mother of a 17 month old girl who works (a lot less than before) from home, I often find myself alone at entertaining my daughter in the afternoons.

My husband and I have a horse boarding and training stable in Leiria, and we also pet sit. So whilst I am lucky enough to have the space, and many animals to help me keep my daughter happy I often wish I had some company from other parents and some friends for my daughter to play with.

I understand most Portuguese ladies have to return to work after 5 months and either have family take care of their little ones or put them in kindergarten so there are no local playgroups.

Are there any expats out there with small children who would like to create an informal playgroup with me?

I am happy to host it at my farm in Leiria, may be once every other week to start with?

Please do get in touch... 🙂

Have a good day,


Reis & Pellicano International Lawyers

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