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PT School System for a 15yo from USA

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Reading about PT "high school", it seems different than the US. In PT, after grade 9, they select a pathway (vocational, college p-prep, apprenticeship). Is that right? If so, how would I expect my 15yo to matriculate to PT school? 

What do you think about him going to PT public school, rather than an interational one? Talk about total immersion! Or do you think he's be frustrated and lost? 

We don't really plan on moving to one of the biggest cities, so if we had to go international school that would def limit where we'd go. 


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Great post...

I have two girls (younger than your son) who are in the private Portuguese school system (currently grades 5 and 7).

We moved to Portugal when they were younger and now they are both fluent in both languages so have adapted quite easily.

Does your son have any Portuguese? Or does he have any other languages? Seems the "English" international system is by far the most expensive here, but there are French, German and Spanish schools here way, way cheaper.

I can only speak from experience of my girl's age bracket but their school has dedicated teachers for those coming from abroad. They are excellent with foreign students.

Where are you looking to live?



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Thanks for the response!

Do you know what high school is like over there? Is it 5-subject classes, like here? 

I think I'd like him to go to public school, regardless of English school availablility. And then have him do the core subjects online, just to make sure he is prepped for graduation. 

Do you know if any of the lower-class-level universities/colleges teach in English? 


I'll post about our location preferences in the other thread. 🙂 


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