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Schools on Silver Coast?

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We are moving to Portugal June 2021 and will have a 3rd grader and Kindergartener for the 2021/22 school year. Firstly, how have the PT schools been doing with Covid-19? Still in full operation? I had heard that they started back in September, but wondering now that the numbers are going so crazy if they are planning to continue. 

Also, we think we have narrowed our search down to the Silver Coast area. Basically we are looking for a place that has low cost of living, isn't too far from the beach, and isn't too cold in the winters. Silver Coast seems like it fits the now to research specific areas and that will depend on schools. At first glance we thought we would need to spend the $10k + per year for International school, but I am finding by reading this forum that many of you have found success and even prefer the local public schools...I am intrigued!! That would be amazing to save the money. I saw the school "ranking", but it didn't seem all that helpful. Most of the schools in the Silver Coast area were ranked 300th to 600th or something. 

If anyone has anything more specific, like good experiences in the schools (public or Portuguese private) anywhere along the Silver Coast, that would be amazing! Support for English speakers (I have heard that some schools offer better support than others) and buses (some private schools have buses?) would be preferred.

Thanks so much!


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Hello Melanie, welcome!

I am glad you're considering Central Portugal for your residency. Public schools are great in general, and kids always learn foreign languages so that wouldn't be a problem.

Where in specific are you searching for, within the Silver Coast area? Do you have a village, city, where you're considering on staying? Let us know more details so that we can help! I live in Coimbra but I know all the region between Lagoa de Óbidos and Aveiro quite well. Thanks 🙂


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