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Advice for locating...

Advice for locating children (niece and nephew)  

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I need to contact my niece and nephew, who are estranged from their dad and last known as living in Alentejo with their mum. I hope that some of you will have some advice as to how I might locate them.

The short story is that my brother is separated and his ex-partner will not let him see or contact the children. I wish to maintain contact as aunty but we have no contact details for her or the children, and no family or friends on her side to help. It is hard for me to get the time and resources to go to where she was last living and their last known school (of a few years ago). I am concerned for their welfare.

I would like to contact social services in Portugal to try and find them that way. NB I cannot involve my brother in this - this is something I need to sort out for myself and the children. They have a right to access to family.

Any advice please? Especially if you have the Portuguese name, URL and contact details for the Portuguese equivalent of social services and any legal knowledge of this issue. With many thanks in advance, Mel

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This is a very difficult situation. Do you know of where in the country they may be? 


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