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Golden Oldie Needs a New Home  


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20/03/2019 5:08 pm  

Victor is an older, ex-hunting dog who needs end-of-life care. Victor was taken into foster via Condeixa Pa'tudos as a bag of bones. He's now putting on weight and able to go for walks, so needs a forever foster or permanent home asap.

Victor doesn't have any particular health issues that we are aware of. Victor prefers the company of people to other dogs, is a bit grouchy around puppies, but good with bitches. He passed his chicken test. Can be cat tested if needed. A warm bed and a shady tree is what he really needs!

Maybe you are thinking of having a dog & the conversation you´re having with yourself goes a bit like this:

"I´d like a dog, but my sciatica won´t let me walk very far and I don´t have a big garden. I´d like the company of a dog, but I don´t have 4 hours a day to go for walks. I´d like someone to fuss over, but don´t want to have to be at the groomer´s every day, nor do I want to be cooking for the dog. I´m not buying lots of silly toys and bandanas either..."

Then Victor is for you.

Please consider this oldie if you are between dogs, starting on the road to dog ownership or would like to to give a final home to one that deserves it most.

Available for adoption or forever fostering through Condeixa Pa´Tudos.

#goldenoldies #adoptdontshop #dogsofportugal #dogsofcoimbra #dogsofcondeixa

If you can be his life companion, please get in touch.


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