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Pet Collection from Lisbon Airport

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I am flying my cat from London to Lisbon, provisionally on the 8th January. He will fly with British Airways (IAG Cargo). I will arrive the day before and so I have plenty of time to get myself organised to pick him up...

Once his flight is confirmed I am expecting pick up information etc from the airline

But if anyone has any information/experience they can share regarding the pick up location and process at Lisbon Airport I would be very grateful.



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Hi Alex, 

We flew a dog from the states to Lisbon, but used a pet broker for customs clearance. If you like, send me a private message and I can get you the name of our taxi driver in Lisbon that works (frequently) with those of us needing to pick up pets. It's a different location, and he is beyond knowledgeable and kind. Let me know and I can share it. Till then, Char



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I can now provide a guide, from my experience yesterday 10/01/2022, which I hope will be useful for others:

Background - flying my cat from London(LHR) to Lisbon with British Airways. I had to put my cat in a cattery in the UK during the gap between my house selling and moving to Portugal which was approximately 3 weeks. I used Airpets as they not only handle the UK side of the paperwork, but also have a cattery on site. They were efficient in all aspects on the UK side, it was the procedure at Lisbon that I had difficulty finding any decent information about - here it is:

You need to make appointments with both the Vet and Customs at Lisbon Airport. The vet appointment should be before the customs appontment - see below for why. (In my case the flight landed at mid-day I made the vet appointment for 1pm and Customs for 2pm - this was quite tight, but OK)

Vet Services Airport:
00351 211349540

Customs Lisbon Airport:
00351 210037753

How it works:

  1. Once the flight arrives (I was not on the same flight) you make your way to the Cargo Terminal which is on the back side of the airport. Building 134 is what you want, its very obvious and pretty much everything happens here. Visit your shipping agent/broker's office and collect the airwaybill and original paperwork from them. This will not be available until about an hour after the flight lands. British Airways use Aerocarga (2nd floor, Office 2106) - they were really helpful. (€30)
  2. Take the paperwork to the vet on the ground floor for your appointment, if he isnt there use the above number and he arrives pretty quickly. He will take the paperwork and go off to scan your pet's microchip. Make sure he stamps/signs the paperwork. (€40)
  3. This next step is important and was not on any of the instructions I received: Take the airwaybill with the vets stamp to building 133 (which is where your pet is being stored, in my case this was with Portway). Present airwaybill to them and they will give you a blue form - if you dont have this blue form then when you get to your customs appointment they will send you away to get it!
  4. Take all forms to your customs appointment (back in building 134, ground floor) - this appointment can take up to 40 minutes, but its the final one. They will give you a customs clearance form (€1.8, YMMV based on value of your pet)
  5. Go back to building 133 with you clearance form from customs - first you go to the centre door (where you originally got the blue form from) and pay what you owe them. Then once your payment is receipted you can go get your pet. (€34.54)

This whole process took me about 4 hours. I had a quote from an agency in Lisbon whole will 'hold your hand' through the whole process - they quoted €600! I declined 🙂

Ive shown the actual costs above + parking €11.20. So a total of €117.54

I really hope this helps someone out, and encourages more members to share their experiences.



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Thank you for the information


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