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February events at El Corte Ingles

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Translated from the El Corte Ingles store magazine, these events might be of interest to Porto area residents and visitors.

Gourmet WineBar Experience
19 Jan and 16 Feb - 6:30PM
El Corte Ingles, Level 6 Club del Gourmet
Once a month, the Club del Gourmet offers a true sensory journey with exquisitely harmonized tastings. In addition to tastings, the WineBar counter offers a wide range of gastronomic experiences on a daily basis, and is already considered a reference by our most demanding customers.

Wine dinners by chef Julio Trigo
26 Jan and 23 Feb - 8:30PM
El Corte Ingles, Level 6 Restaurant
Every month, El Corte Ingles Gaia Porto, in partnership with different producers, organizes a wine dinner. Already seen as a reference for the most varied partners, the wine dinner plays a fundamental role in the dissemination of gastronomy and wine regions throughout the country. This menu is in charge of our chef.

Fairs and Markets of Porto
Feb 1 and Feb 8 - 6:30PM
El Corte Ingles, Level 6
Discover with Professor Artur Filipe dos Santos the history and heritage of Porto's markets and fairs, from the old market of Se to the renovated market of Bolhao, remembering old markets among stories, legends and curiosities.

The Jewish Quarters of Porto
Feb 15 and Feb 22 - 6:30PM
El Corte Ingles, Level 6
In these two sessions, Professor Artur Filipe dos Santos tells the story of the Jewish communities in the city of Porto, exploring centuries of history, from the first Jewish quarter in the city, next to the Cathedral, to the current synagogue.

Narrative: Photography as a form of communication
Feb 4 - 6:30PM
El Corte Ingles, Level 6
Mario Cruz discusses visual narrative as a form of communication in this conversation.

Mascaras Malucas (Crazy Masks)
Feb 18 - 4PM
El Corte Ingles, Level 6
The carnival is already there! It's time to celebrate. Polka dots or stripes. Let's make a mask and just play with them! Let's pretend, because it's Carnival and nobody cares!

Puppet Theater
In the Fox's Tale
26 Feb - 11:00AM
El Corte Ingles, Level 6
No Conto da Raposa is an anthology of short stories inspired by the Portuguese oral tradition, starring the character of the Fox, the most astute of animals.

How to care for bonsai with Monceau Fleurs
4 Mar - 4:00PM
El Corte Ingles, Level -3
El Corte Ingles, in partnership with Monceau Fleurs and Joao Paulo Menezes, will provide all participants in this workshop with true moments of leisure and inspiration. The goal is for each participant to know how to take care of their bonsai.


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Thank you so much for this...we get into Porto on 19th around 4pm & should be at our hotel by at least 5:30pm-6pm....and looks like only a 10min metro ride from our hotel on other side of river....that will be a great way to start our Portugal adventure...perhaps we should try to make reservations before hand, or can one just show up?



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In researching this further, I see it is a large department store with a wonderful selection of almost everything, and may definitely see about visiting on one of the few days we are in Porto, but perhaps a little restaurant near our hotel the first night might be better and then we can crash after our long flight.  Great to see so many interesting things going on to check out at some point when we finally get there long term.  Thanks so much for sharing. 



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Awesome list, K&B. Thanks!


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