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Alternatives to MEO fibre?

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Hello, I just bought a house and the previous owner had MEO fibre. (Near Carvoeiro Algarve)
Are there any alternatives, or I just have to use MEO for fibre?
I read lots of bad comments for MEO on this forum.

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The availability of other cabled-service providers varies by specific location, and you'll need to speak to the other providers to check whether they could supply you. Your neighbours, or labelling on boxes in the area, may help you hone in on options. The other main providers are Vodafone and Nos, with some other more minor players occasionally present.

You'll read bad comments about all utilities providers, frankly - however, I've used Vodafone in three locations in Portugal, and the service has been consistent, the billing accurate, and the service in their company-owned stores very helpful. (Others will have had contrasting experiences, I know. The service in their franchised stores is patchy to poor, in my experience,.)

But the key question is, who can supply, and is their fibre good enough. Service, options and pricing don't tend to vary much between providers.


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Both & offer fibre-optic services throughout Portugal. It just depends if they have carrier agreements with MEO or whoever installed the fibreoptic network in your area.

Last year, having been clients with MEO & it's predecessors from many years, we switched to Vodafone after MEO refused to renew our contract in the shop, saying we could only do so over the phone with their sales dept. They lost a client.

The Vodafone tech used the same fibre-optic cable from the junction box but switched to another feed. The quality of service so far seems to be somewhat better in terms of speed.

This article maybe useful: (Note: NOWO is in the process of being taken over by Vodafone.)

Lazer are only available at present in certain areas.

I think there is another outfit offering similar services in the Lagos area. I saw posters when I was down there in December but didn't take details. 






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We have fiber in our apartment in Lisbon. The previous tenant of our apartment had Vodafone bills in the mailbox when we got here. We went to the Vodafone store, and they confirmed they serviced the apartment. 

We got the 2-year contract with 200/100 plus the TV box with HBO. We aso added two sim cards with unlimited everything. We are paying 87 a month. The staff at the Vodafone stores have been incredible. The lady that setup our account put her cell number on the paperwork in case we had any issues. She also called us 2 days later after they installed everything to check up on us. 

We went into the store to get international roaming while in the US and they set it up for us. We prefer going into the stores over calling them. 

We have not had a single issue in over a year. The speeds are accurate always when we check. 


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You can check their websites to see which ones cover your address with fiber (they all have a feature for that).


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