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Help with Buying a Frontline Aljezur Home in Espartal  

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I am preparing to make an offer on a home in Aljezur. In the US, I know websites where I can search to see what surrounding homes sold for, what land sold for, etc. Does anyone know of such a site? If not, is anyone familiar with Aljezur, that can tell me if it is true that they will not permit anymore frontline homes to be built in front of or next to this home as the estate agent claims since it is part of a Nature Preserve/Protected area, and what to pay per square meter for such a property? It is located in the urbanization Espartal, just above praia da Amoreria (beach next to Monte Clérigo), overlooking the estuary of the Ribeira de Aljezur. In the US I am used to having a realtor that represents me and gets me this info. or I can get it online. In Portugal, is the the job of the lawyer one hires? Thanks in advance for your help!!

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There is no 'price history' database for Portuguese property, sadly but with some careful research of the area using other agents you will find out guideline prices for the area and get a good feel for values.

You are right to be wary of the promises of a sales agent working for the vendor that is keen to make a sale. No one knows what will happen in the future as regards protected areas, boundaries of natural reserves and designated areas for construction. Ask him/her to confirm some of the facts he is quoting to you - in writing and see how fast he (she?) backs down.

Take a look at the history of Vale de Telha and this multi page forum post viewtopic.php?t=8387 It mentions a specific forum for Vale de Telha and has references to other resources

There seems to be quite a bit more to find out from your point of view 😉


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Worth noting that I've seen a large difference in pricing for quite similar houses in a year of looking seriously. Talking to Estate Agents they say one of the hardest parts of their job is setting the asking price as people often have crazy ideas and/or there are 6 people involved in the sale of the family home, they each want 200K from the sale, yet the house is only worth 300k for example.

The Portuguese like to haggle prices, and it seems common to set a high price by local terms to see if some ignorant foreigner will pay it or how close they can get to it etc

So bargain like your life depends on it, there isn't much set pricing, housing is usually of low/medium quality even if priced at 750K. At that price I'd start a conversation saying I have 400K in cash and reluctant to borrow much if anything...


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The Property is located in the Costa Vicentina National Park by the sounds of it!

... _Vicentina

Be aware that there are all sorts of extra regulations and controls on building in the area.

The most important thing for you is to make sure that the entire building conforms 100% with the authorised plans and planning regulations.

Many of the properties build up to 2000 in Vale de Telha were never properly approved and there are reports of buyers have significant problems subsequently.

I lived in Lagos for many years and know that Vale de Telha was an area to BE VERY careful off.

In my option, you should get yourself a good lawyer now. This will cost.

I recommend an Advogado (Advocate) rather than a Solicitador (Solicitor) given the possible complexity of the case.

As regards price, as has been said above, people here try it on big time.

Having moved up to north of Lisbon from Lagos last year, and after looking at probably 50 properties North of Lisbon we know that people try it on on prices AND the agents encourage them to do so to get higher commissions.

When we found the house we have now bought, we knew the price was much higher than the value of the property based on what we had seen in the area and what was reasonable for the area based on the rated value of the property by the Tax Authorities.

The Agent had indicated that the then-owners had rejected a previous low bid. We also saw from the official documents, which we had requested at the outset, the sellers had TWO mortgages on the property.

I speak and write Portuguese so I drafted a formal offer for the property pointing out a range of facts that lowered the value of the property. (e.g. No Garage, etc.). I suspected that there was pressure on them from the Bank, so we went in with a bid 9% lower than the sale price...
They bit and we settled on a price 7,5% lower than the listed price.

The first official documents to request from the agent are the

- Caderneta predial - Official Govt. Record Record of the Property showing rated value
- Certidão permanente - History of transactions related to the same
- Certidão Enérgetica - Energy Certificante
- Licença da habitação - Habitation License

If all or any of these documents cannot be supplied to you by email within 7 days, start questioning.

No sale can legally go through in Portugal without these documents.

Finally, bear in mind you will have also to be registered with the Tax Authorities, (Finanças) to proceed with the purchase.


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It is in the natural park so building restrictions are now very tight. Get yourself a good local lawyer and they will do all the checks for you.


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