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Hempcrete building seeking approval offgrid. Advice please?  

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Ola everyone. We are looking to buy a piece of land on the silver coast, not sure if there are Cameras that are more lenient and will accept alternative building structures.
I have been advised to buy land with a ruin and demolish it. I have found no builders so far that are familiar with hempcrete here in Portugal, so there is a company in Denmark that can build a prefab home and then take it apart and reassemble here in Portugal. I would like to be off grid and sustainable, does anyone know of any reliable builders who can demolish the old ruin and build a new foundation, road to property, septic tank, possibly water well and catchment tank. Not sure if general contractor can be point of contact with Camera or if others are needed. Sorry lots of questions to try to get advice. Has anyone completed a project similar to this one? Thank you very much. Jenny and Mark

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Hi Jenny,

It is really difficult to self build here. (Unless you are simply rebuilding an existing ruin) You need an engineer with a licence for the build to be legal. Don't knock down a ruin without permission (we did that but were lucky to have a helpful camara,  so didn't get a fine). In fact do nothing without permission from the camara, no matter what you hear, this can lead to unexpected problems. Ideally find a good, experienced architect from the start to help with planning etc. As for sustainable build styles, you will have to be able to demonstrate that it meets current regs re fire, earthquake, acoustics etc. But if you find a builder who works this way, you should be fine. We started out wanting a more eco friendly build and found a few companies that build in wood but none in hempcrete or straw. In the end we gave up and went for a standard build.... after 3 years of being messed about!. My advice in a nutshell is to get an architect and work with the camara on everything, build legal or risk your home. Good luck.


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