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How we got a lease FWIW

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The following is offered FWIW because we just got super lucky.

Our plan was to start looking for a qualifying lease for the D7 beginning 1 September. Following our scouting trip in May/June, we developed a list of neighborhoods and a list of criteria for an apartment. We planned to spend September doing it ourselves and sticking just to apartments that fit all criteria. The October and November plan (assuming a D7 application target date of 1 December) was to 1) get pros involved and 2) start giving up certain apartment criteria until we got a lease.

So in late August I got an e-mal alert from Idealista about apartment in our first-choice neighborhood and in a building I had admired during scouting. Plus, it was a pro advertiser (development/real estate company) -- another thing we focused on. I saw no reason to wait until September, so we went for it.

Lola and I decided we'd initially double-team the advertiser. She would call, and I would employ a combination of WhatsApp texting and using the contact form in the ad. Side note: It's important to use WhatsApp because its ubiquitous in Europe. We got up at 3 a.m. (we live in the central time U.S. zone) to start this process and were both in contact with the agent immediately. After a bit of communicating, the agent realized she was being double-teamed (she was chill about it) so Lola passed off all comms to me. I spent the next week getting up at 3:00 to text with the agent through WhatsApp.

We were lucky to know some American expats in Aveiro. We arranged for them to visit the property. After a good report, it was a day until we sent a deposit and signed a reservation form. Then just a couple of days until we received the lease. 24 hours later, a lawyer we employed in Aveiro looked it over and made a couple of minor changes.

Two days later everything was signed. The place is ours πŸ™‚

We literally got the first place we tried to get. That's just extraordinary good luck. So I'm not sure if there's much to learn from this. Thus FWIW.

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Joined: 1 year ago gives others a glimpse of how it could roll!Β  You two have good Karma and smarts. Congratulations, it's meant to be.

Curious, what date does your lease start, how long until you expect to actually move into it with a D7 in hand? Thanks for the post/info. Allie

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@alleycat The lease starts 1 October. We'd like to send our visa application in around that time. We're planning to spend Christmas with family. We assume the visa will probably be approved mid to late December. So that means we'll probably arrive first week or two of January.


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