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Latest Energy Costs and Suppliers

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Dear All The latest topic that I can find regarding energy costs seems to be from 2016, I've tried contacting Portuguese energy companies via their websites, but that hasn't produced any sensible answers, so can anyone on this forum please help.

1. What are the charges for natural gas, supplied by the district network per KWh

2. What is the charge for electricity per KWh, assuming a "potencia" of 15 kva.

3. Can anyone recommend a supplier who speaks English, I'll be in the Algarve.

Many thanks


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Hi, I'm trying to use this comparison website, but all the good rates in the first page, come up with " Indexed prices"
"Esta oferta apresenta características de indexação ao Mercado Spot (OMIE/MIBGAS). Uma vez que os preços variam de acordo com os mercados diários, este simulador calcula o valor da fatura com base no preço médio do mês de dezembro. O valor da fatura inclui na componente de energia uma estimativa do custo de ajuste do mecanismo ibérico (0,0443 €/kWh com base no valor médio verificado no mês de dezembro), que acresce ao preço de energia desta oferta. O benefício líquido decorrente da aplicação do mecanismo ibérico em dezembro foi de 0.0889 €/kWh."

So every month they can change (a lot?).
Also what does "Network Access" mean, that has -117 euros per month?

Does anyone have a recommendation for an electricity company with the lowest cost per kWh?


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